The Thyroid Panel (Feb 29th, 2024)

Get the real story of what’s happening with your thyroid.

Thursday, February, 29th 8pm EST

Have you been told by your medical doctor that your labs are normal and your thyroid is fine, yet you still have unexplainable symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, cold hands and feet, and/or brain fog? But your TSH marker that the doctor ordered is “fine”! This is only a fraction of the picture when it comes to determining if the thyroid is low!

Not only are there more important markers to look at besides the TSH value but there are other reasons that you need to know as to why your thyroid may be freaking out. I am going to teach YOU how to find hidden answers in the bloodwork that you already have so that you can finally get some answers as to why you feel like crap.