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The Fix My Brain 90-Day Program by Dr. Jena, Bloodwork Expert


Is forgetfulness becoming your new normal? Are you struggling with brain fog, difficulty concentrating, or memory lapses that disrupt your daily life?


Millions of people experience these frustrating symptoms, often dismissed as “just getting older”. But what if the answer lies not in just age, but in hidden imbalances revealed through a deeper look at your “normal” blood work?

Dr. Jena, a leading functional blood work expert, has spent years uncovering the surprising connections between seemingly “normal” blood test results and cognitive decline. Her revolutionary Fix My Brain 90-Day Program takes a personalized approach to unlock the secrets hidden within your blood work.


Here’s what sets the Fix My Brain program apart:

  • Dr. Jena’s Expertise: Benefit from the knowledge of a highly-respected blood work expert who understands the intricate link between blood chemistry and brain health.
  • Personalized Supplement Plan: No one-size-fits-all solutions here. After Dr. Jena analyzes YOUR most recent blood work labs, you’ll receive a customized regimen of the highest quality supplements designed to target the root cause of your cognitive decline. All supplements designed for you for the entire 90 days will be shipped to your doorstep along with a customized protocol on how and when to take them and what they are for.
  • Triple Threat Approach: We address three key factors impacting brain function: chronic inflammation, built-up toxins, and unbalanced blood sugar. By tackling all three, you experience a holistic improvement in not only your brain health but watch as your symptoms start to fall away as you go from unhealthy towards healthy!
  • 90 Days of Support: Your journey doesn’t end with a pill bottle. Our dedicated team provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the program, ensuring you stay motivated, on track and learn key ways not to recreate the same problems.

Here’s what you can expect with the Fix My Brain program:

  • Improved Memory and Focus: Say goodbye to forgetfulness and hello to enhanced mental clarity. Recall information with ease, sharpen your concentration, and boost your overall cognitive function.
  • Reduced Brain Fog: Feel the fog lift and regain your mental agility. Experience increased alertness, improved decision-making, and a renewed sense of mental sharpness.
  • Enhanced Energy Levels: Combat fatigue and sluggishness associated with brain fog and poor sleep. Experience a renewed sense of vitality and power throughout your day.
  • Improved Overall Health: Don’t settle for a life defined by memory lapses and mental decline. Invest in your brain health with the Fix My Brain program TODAY. Imagine your life in 90 days from now if you take control and steer the wheel of your health in a new, healthier direction! I GUARANTEE you are going to change.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Since starting the Fix My Brain program, my memory has improved dramatically! I can finally remember names and appointments without struggle. It’s like a weight has been lifted! This program was simple and the information I learned has changed my life. Dr. Jena is a passionate and knowledgable teacher. Thank you Dr Jena!”
~Sarah K., Teacher

“I used to struggle with brain fog so bad I couldn’t follow conversations. The customized supplements and expert guidance in Dr. Jena’s program have been a game-changer. My mind feels sharper than ever. I’m so happy with where I am now and finally feel like I am on the right track.”
~ John M., Business Owner

Ready to reclaim your sharp mind and experience a new level of cognitive function?

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