3 Day Challenge

Tired of Feeling Stuck? Jumpstart Your Metabolism with Dr. Jena’s 3-Day Challenge! Thursday, April 25th 8pm EST

Do you look in the mirror and see a reflection of your vibrant, energetic self fading? Are you battling with stubborn weight gain, despite your best efforts? You’re not alone. Millions of women over 40 struggle with a sluggish metabolism that keeps them feeling tired, frustrated, and stuck.

But what if there was a way to break free? What if you could reignite your metabolism and experience a surge of energy and vitality once again?


Dr. Jena, a leading functional medicine doctor, understands the unique challenges women face. Her simple 3-day challenge is designed to help you:

  • Uncover the root causes of your sluggish metabolism (it’s not just about calories!)
  • Experience a natural boost in your metabolic rate, leading towards weight loss and easier weight management
  • Feel energized and revitalized with a renewed sense of well-being

This is NOT just another fad diet. Dr. Jena’s program focuses on sustainable, healthy habits that empower you to take control of your health and achieve lasting results. Join Dr. Jena on a live zoom call Thursday, April 25th at 8pm EST where she will reveal the top 3 things that you can start right now in order to jumpstart your metabolism. Your challenge to break 3 of your biggest sabotaging habits will begin Friday, April 26th and end Sunday, April 28th. We will reconvene with another live zoom Monday, April 29th at 8pm EST to share our wins and challenges. All those who complete the 3 day challenge will be offered a special opportunity for something AMAZING Dr Jena has created to help you LOSE WEIGHT FAST… we’re talking 10-20 pounds before summer starts. Healthfully. Naturally.

In just 3 days you can:

  • Learn simple strategies to naturally boost your metabolism
  • Feel a noticeable difference in personal power by tackling the bad habits that keep weight on
  • Gain the confidence and motivation to take control of your health journey

Are you ready to say goodbye to feeling sluggish and frustrated? Click the button below to join Dr. Jena’s 3-Day Challenge and unlock a renewed sense of energy and vitality!


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