Dr. Jena helps her clients stop chasing their symptoms and teaches them how to heal at a cellular level- from the inside out. Dr. Jena specializes in turning your “normal labs” into answers, healing and hope!

Many of us face health challenges every day and often we just don’t feel well. Many people tell their medical doctor about their symptoms and the doctor orders blood work and then says everything is normal yet you are still saying “I just don’t feel well”. Often this leaves us frustrated and feeling unheard or maybe you even start thinking this is all in your head! Maybe you don’t even realize how badly you feel because you have pushed through the feelings of not feeling well every day and now you just feel tired. Tired all the time. Tired of feeling sick and tired. You might be one of those people who have a diagnosis and are taking medication and guess what? You still don’t feel well or you now have side effects!

I am here to tell you I am listening! I understand and I know I can help you get back to Healthy.

Now is the time to discover the path to optimal health the natural way. I focus on rebalancing and restoring your health; I don’t just mask symptoms with medications. I help you heal your body so you can live a healthier life!

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What Our Clients are Saying

"For years, I blamed my forgetfulness on being busy. Missing appointments, forgetting names – it was embarrassing! Then I found the Fix My Brain workshops and program. Learning about the connection between blood work and memory was a revelation. Turns out, a vitamin D deficiency was highly impacting my cognitive function! Since adjusting my diet and taking supplements, my memory is sharper than ever. I feel like I can finally take control of my brain health."
~ Sarah Jones, 52, Marketing Director

"Brain fog was making my job as a teacher incredibly difficult. I couldn't recall names, struggled to follow lesson plans – it was affecting my students too. The Fix My Brain workshop was a lifesaver! Dr. Jena explained how inflammation markers in my blood work could be impacting my focus. With dietary changes and natural anti-inflammatory supplements, the brain fog cleared. Now, I'm back to delivering engaging lessons and connecting with my students on a whole new level."
~ Maria Rodriguez, 48, School Teacher

"I was starting to worry about memory decline, especially when I'd forget where I put my keys or lose track of conversations. My daughter encouraged me to tune into the Fix My Brain workshops. It turns out, a hormonal imbalance was contributing to my memory lapses. Dr. Jena created a personalized plan to address this, and within weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. Now, I can confidently participate in all my favorite activities – bridge club, book club, volunteering – without memory worries holding me back."
~ Linda Williams, 62, Retired Nurse

"It’s amazing what a difference only a month can make. Before to seeing Dr. Jena my energy was in the tank, brain fog was the ruler of my day and a general feeling of hopelessness was keeping me depressed. I’m so excited to see/feel where I will be after 60 days! Feeling hopeful!"
~ Kim

"I came in with chronic diarrhea, stomach pain and issues with bloating. Everything I ate made me sick. I ached all over. I had been to every doctor and they kept giving me meds and telling me that nothing was wrong. In a matter of 3 short months, I feel great and can finally go on that honeymoon!”
~ Sophie

"My gut was a mess! So bad I ended up in the ER a couple of times. They’d always send me home without any answers or relief. My stomach would hurt every time I ate, as it wouldn’t digest anything. After trying a million supplements, I did Dr. Jena’s program. It has changed the way my gut functions. I took a complete 180 in just 90 days and now I feel AMAZING!"
~ Liz

"When I finally got my thyroid issues under control, it was like a whole new world opened up! Dr. Jena helped me finally figure it out! No more feeling tired all the time, my periods regulated, AND I don't have to watch my hair clog the drain. I regained my energy and confidence. Ladies, don't underestimate the power of Dr. Jena's program, it can transform your life!"
~ Sara

"As a busy mom, I was exhausted all the time, it was hard for me to make dinner after work, hard for me to want to clean the house, and it wasn't making my marriage any easier. Fixing my thyroid was a game-changer! Dr. jena found out WHY my thyroid was freaking out and the program was easy! I now have the energy to keep up with my kids, my skin and hair have improved, and I feel happy again! My husband and I thank you Dr. Jena!"
~ Amanda